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Mar 13, 2024

Growatt Delivers Tailored Solutions For Japan’s Energy Requirements at Smart Energy Week 2024

Smart Energy Week 2024

From February 28 to March 1, Japan’s largest PV industry show, Smart Energy Week 2024, was successfully held in Tokyo. As a global leading energy solution provider, Growatt presented a broad range of products for the country’s residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.


As the world's No.1 residential inverter supplier, Growatt introduced its MIN and MID inverters from the Battery-Ready series. This series allows for phased energy storage expansion, minimizing initial costs and accommodating future needs efficiently. Complementing the inverters is the latest APX HV battery, featuring the advanced energy optimizer functionality to enhance energy efficiency by enabling each module to charge and discharge independently. This integrated solution is aimed to empower families to increase energy independence, optimize energy usage, and adopt sustainable lifestyles.

For businesses seeking to ensure uninterrupted operations and reduce costs, Growatt presented the WIT + ACE Commercial C&I hybrid energy storage system. The WIT inverter, with its integrated UPS and black start capabilities, guarantees a resilient and reliable power supply in case of power outages. The system is also engineered for optimal performance, supporting 100% three-phase unbalanced output and 110% overload capacity, further maximizing investment returns.

Given the country's susceptibility to natural disasters, the manufacturer showcased a portfolio addressing its unique energy needs, including off-grid inverters and the Portable Power Station Series. These solutions are particularly suitable for emergencies, providing users with an efficient, stable, and safe electricity supply when needed.


Positive feedback from attendees, including commendations from Remixpoint for both C&I and residential solutions, highlights Growatt's potential for future partnerships and market expansion in Japan. Growatt is committed to collaborating with local stakeholders to tap into Japan's energy market potential, delivering the latest in solar technology to meet energy demands and facilitate the nation's transition to green energy.

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