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Feb 14, 2024

Growatt Launches Flexible and Modular H Series All-In-One Energy Storage System in Pakistan

Future-H Series

Growatt, the world’s leading solar inverter and energy storage solutions supplier, introduces the H Series All-In-One Energy Storage System in the Pakistani market. This modular and streamlined system integrates the inverter and battery, delivering versatile functionalities for both single-phase and three-phase energy storage applications.

Featuring an innovative all-in-one design and modular stack configuration, the H Series significantly enhances system flexibility. Installers benefit from the freedom to configure the system with varying quantities of inverters and batteries, providing tailored solutions based on specific needs. The modular stack design not only streamlines installation but also reduces the time and effort required, ensuring an enhanced experience for installers during setup and offering users flexible options for future system upgrades.

Moreover, the H Series features expandable inverters with a capacity starting at 6 kW, scalable up to 18 kW. The lithium-ion battery, starting at 5.5 kWh and expandable up to 33 kWh, allows users to customize their energy storage solutions for various applications. The addition of a wheel at the bottom of the battery enhances mobility, providing added convenience.

With dual Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs) and a PV input voltage of up to 500V in the inverter, the H Series ensures optimized energy efficiency and overall system performance. Accommodating a PV power input of 8 kW, it guarantees a 6 kW AC output and an additional 2 kW for battery charging, effectively harnessing and storing solar energy to its fullest potential.

The solution is equipped with advanced safety mechanisms, including protections against over-voltage, over-current, temperature fluctuations, and short circuits. Additionally, the Battery Management System actively monitors and manages charging and discharging processes, ensuring the battery’s health and longevity. “The H Series presents a solution that seamlessly integrates innovation and convenience, empowering installers in Pakistan to execute successful solar installations,” states Rucas Wang, Head of Asia and Middle East at Growatt. “With evolving energy demands in Pakistan, Growatt remains committed to delivering solutions tailored to local needs.”

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